Zero Trust access without VPN

Replace traditional VPNs and DMZ with cloud-native point-to-point access

The Challenge:

Provide users with access to corporate resources while reducing setup and maintenance complexity and increasing security

Leverage a cloud-native solution to provide access to corporate resources based on user identity, device posture and the application activity contexts, as defined by the organizational policy. Eliminate any network level access to avoid unauthorized access and mitigate the risk of network level attacks and data loss.

The Solution:

  • Reduce complexity

  • Increase security

  • Leverage your IAM

  • Reduce costs

  • Audit reporting

Reduce complexity

‍Minimize maintenance with an access solution delivered as a service, with no endpoint agent to install, appliances to deploy, or complex policies to manage. Avoid downtime utilizing a globally deployed, enterprise-grade cloud service.

Increase security

‍Provide the right access for each corporate resource based on its unique access policy, taking into account the user identity, device posture and application context. Completely eliminating the possibility of a network-level attack by removing all network-level access and enforcing real-time governance policies on application-level actions.

Leverage your IAM

‍Use a single source of truth for identity and device contexts via integration with the corporate Identity and Access Management solution. Extend your IAM policies to any resource (VM, application or a PaaS service) located on-premises or on any cloud, from a single location.

Reduce costs

‍Save on maintenance, licensing and infrastructure costs with a cloud-native access solution, designed for the modern enterprise.

Audit reporting

‍Get a full audit trail of users’ activities within the application – including URLs accessed, SSH commands executed, RDP activities performed. All audit logs are tied to the users’ accounts and devices and can be exported to your SIEM to receive additional application level context.

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