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Join a community of recognized technology leaders and provide your customers with the first ever universal BeyondCorp-as-a-service platform for secure access to corporate applications.

A Luminate partnership offers you the opportunity to expand your business with the full support and guidance of our team of experts, from our offices in the US and Israel.

By becoming a Luminate partner you can help your customers redefine the way they grant, secure, manage and govern users’ access to corporate applications. That means – provide them with a quick to set up and easy to manage Zero Trust solution to secure their access to all hosted corporate applications and scale as their business grows.

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“Our partners are critical for our success. They are our trusted advisors in helping customers redefine the way they secure access to their corporate applications”
Ofer Smadari, Luminate CEO

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Partner's benefits

Easy deployment

No need to deploy or manage physical or virtual appliances – Luminate is agentless and supports all endpoint and mobile devices. Users and applications can be added quickly in a self-explanatory process requiring just a few clicks, saving hours of IT staff time.

Native user experience

Applications are delivered with a unified, cloud-native user experience – creating a modernized workspace that supports cloud adoption.

Cloud-native elasticity and scalability

Luminate scales to an unlimited number of users and applications, without the need to purchase additional appliances. Enterprises can dynamically scale usage up or down, automatically adding or removing users, applications, and datacenters to meet business demands.

Zero Trust, total visibility

Luminate takes the Zero Trust approach one step further by remaining in the data plane and providing full visibility, governance, and contextual enforcement for user actions. Every operation is monitored and logged, ensuring a detailed audit trail of user activity. All activities are analyzed against company policies, triggering automatic actions to ensure security enforcement and prevent unauthorized access.

Single security stack

No matter where corporate resources are hosted, whether on-premises or in the cloud, you can manage security policies on a single dashboard and apply a consistent security stack to all of them.

Products & services

Take advantage of our growing partner program and global partner packages. Deliver world-class technology to your customers.

Training & support

Luminate Partner Program provides the training and enablement you need to get going immediately, as well as hands-on support throughout your sales process. The program includes benefits like lead & opportunity sharing and joint marketing funds.

Growth incentives

We are committed to giving you the tools to succeed; from financial incentives, to technology support and ongoing training.

Resource library

As our partner, you will have access to a rich resources library featuring the latest marketing assets, selling tools, and sales resources.

World-class technology

No matter where corporate resources are hosted, whether on-premises or in the cloud, you can manage security policies on a single dashboard and apply a consistent security stack to all of Showcase the next leap in secure access. Ensure your customers are always one step ahead of the pack.

Leadership Team

We believe IT operations should be able to move at the speed of digital business requirements while leveraging any IT resource for the benefit of its business.

With the adoption of cloud-based applications, securing and monitoring each part of the distributed environment becomes a complex and cumbersome task.

And we know there is another way.

We therefore turn complex, lengthy security operational processes into one-click service, supporting the organizations’ digital transformation.

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